Why Us


Our approach is cautious, measured, diligent and sustainable with our own as well as the society’s requirements. We have been able to provide for ample charity. We are going ahead with proper planning for overseas medical tourism and there too we are targeting the entire spectrum of overseas clients and not just the affluent citizens of the world.



We in India do not make financial provision for illness. A very small number (around 2.5%) relies on some medical insurance or the other. So, in times of our malady, we look for low cost yet uncompromising quality of medical management and this is precisely what we offer through our philosophy which can be summed up as “AFFORDABLE QUALITY CARE” We also provide for medical insurance cover to our patients for future through tie-up with Andhra Bank and New India Assurance company, since hospitalised patients and their relatives are more receptive to suggestions linked to their own well being.

Our Features

  • 24/7 expert intensivists are available in hospital premises
  • Well trained duty doctors, nurses and other medic and paramedic staff are present round the clock.
  • Nurse to patient Ratio is 1:1 in iccu to give extra care for critically ill patient.
  • Centralized oxygen supply to each ICCU beds & each room.
  • Centralized suction points.
  • Oxygen plant.
  • Centralized sterilization technique with LAMINAR AIR FLOW SYSTEM in all the OT’s that makes them suitable for advanced surgeries like joint replacement and kidney transplant surgeries.
  • In-house pharmacy available 24 hrs. to provide any kind of medicines and other requirements needed
  • 24 hrs FREE ambulance services available within Nagpur and its periphery.
  • Easy access to all blood banks, diagnostic centers and other amenities required for patients.