About Us

Affordable Quality Care

Times are changing faster than ever before. There are advancements in all spheres of life. Medical field too is expanding at a galloping speed. There is a qualitative change in patient management worldwide. India, although constrained, is just able Affordable Quality Care to keep pace with the world. Cost of providing quality medical services is a major issue, and it is here friends and colleagues, that a new venture of ours is going to make a mark and stay on top in the long run.

Our motto is “Affordable Quality Care”. It is our philosophy and approach to understand patients’ need especially of the under privileged of the society with a human touch. We wish to cater to the common man with a few choices besides those who have multiple options.


Center Point Hospital is a fast growing multi-super speciality healthcare organisation located in the heart of the city and is in the close proximity of historical and well known Government Medical College, Nagpur. It has easy and convenient approach from all directions.

It is a 50 bedded tertiary care centre spread over a large area. Being entirely on ground floor makes it logistically very convenient for shifting & handling emergencies. It is corporate in constitution and outlook yet very cordial and patient friendly in attitude and gives maximum cost benefit ratio.

We take pride in providing all the multi super-speciality facilities including CT scan and Cardiac Cath Lab, facilities under one roof.